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Herabeat Fetal Heart Monitor
Designed from the ground up to be used by the expecting mother, HeraBEAT™ integrates state of the art technology and professional accuracy with a simple straightforward user interface and a distinctive design into a safe, reliable and affordable solution. Australian Government Department of Health Therapeutic Goods Administration Approved Medical grade fetal heart rate monitoring at home Our platform is based on the most demanding medical gold standards. We provide the reassurance and peace-of-mind of a medical grade fetal Heart rate monitoring in the comfort of the expecting mom’s home. Effortless measurement Our proprietary “Smart Search” technology, integrates enhanced hardware, optimized software, and advanced algorithms into a coherent solution allowing untrained users to accurately and effortlessly locate the fetal heartbeat. Data sharing Our platform further enables, seamless, immediate and user-transparent data sharing with authorized contact person or caregiver for further analysis and actionable insights*. Safe / Accurate / reliable We implement the conventional Ultrasound Doppler technology, which is reliable, safe and proven, yet amplify its accuracy and efficiency using a set of 21st century hardware and software optimizations.

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RRP: $449.99

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